Potting soil

Potted gardens are becoming more and more popular. Yet many gardeners are still unsure as to which sort of soil or compost their plants require if they are to thrive for many years. Our nasto-Potting Soil has been specially developed for ornamental trees and shrubs.

We see nasto-Potting Soil as an additional service to our customers in order to ensure that they can grow our plants in an ideal environment. Our potting soil is suitable for all our deciduous and evergreen trees and blooming shrubs. It contains a high proportion of high-quality Irish peat (35%) and German peat (35%) combined with pine bark, and gives ornamental plants all they need for years of strong growth.

Good soil for healthy growth

Trees and shrubs that are planted out in the garden have nature’s help to ensure that their roots receive sufficient nutrients, water and air. Potted plants must rely on the soil they are planted in.

As gardeners we understand what ornamental plants need. Our years of experience have helped us to develop the ideal potting soil to provide a basis for long-term healthy growth. We use nasto-Potting Soil ourselves and are happy to recommend it to you.