nasto eternity

Living sculpture that retains its shape

nasto-Eternity® is a range of exclusive sculpted miniature trees, crafted by grafting dwarf varieties onto selected root stock. The resulting ornamental trees grow without needing to be trimmed.

We began experimenting with this innovative technique many years ago. We have now perfected the art of choosing rice varieties and other root stocks and using them as the base for strong, beautiful shapes. When developing this range, we have laid great emphasis on strength and robustness. Our nasto-Eternity® collection remains unique to this day.

The great advantage of nasto-Eternity® ornamental evergreen trees is that they retain their shape without trimming. Our breeding methods ensure that these plants grow in height extremely slowly, but the foliage becomes thicker, stronger and more beautiful.

Because each nasto-Eternity® tree is an individual work of art, it is worth coming and choosing exactly the right plant for you. We are happy to welcome you and show you around.