nasto couture

Beautiful topiary

Shaped trees and shrubs are experiencing a renaissance. Topiary allows gardens to be turned into galleries in which living works of art can be presented.

Only plants which have been carefully nurtured and trimmed over many years are considered worthy of our nasto-Couture® label. Each ornamental tree has its own distinctive shape, an expression of the plant’s own unique character. Regular careful cutting will help to develop this character further.

The nasto-Couture® collection is best displayed against clear, simple backgrounds. Formal Asian gardens and traditional English country styles are perfect frames for art by nasto-Couture®. Topiary does not necessarily need much space. Small roof gardens, terraces or even front-doors can be ideal places to display topiary.

At our nursery in Bad Zwischenahn we have a wide range of ornamental trees and shrubs on display, all of which have met our high standards for beauty and robustness. We guarantee our customers not only expertly crafted shapes, but also healthy, strong plants.

Because each plant is an individual work of art, it is worth coming and choosing exactly the right plants for your garden or patio. We are happy to welcome you and show you around.