Sales support

Our brand
The desire to offer customers something special plus attention to detail are at the heart of our nasto collections. We put great effort into the way we present our brand to ensure that your customers appreciate its value.
Good presentation and consistent, recognisable visual communication are part of a package that allows you to charge a premium for nasto trees and shrubs.

nasto-Symphonie® – Exclusive pots for exclusive plants
Our signature deep-red glossy pots set nasto plants apart from the competition. The pots allow customers to recognise our brand without first having to look for sales staff and ask for assistance. And exclusive pots allow you to charge exclusive prices.

Clear, branded labels
Some customers do not like asking for assistance. Our well-designed labels with big, attractive photographs and clear information help customers to decide for themselves.

Exclusive topiary in hand-made oak containers
All nasto topiary is delivered in high-quality oak containers. They are made by hand in Germany to exacting standards. Their timeless design combines with our beautiful trees and shrubs to create a product customers find hard to resist.

All in all, our exclusive nasto collections look good, sell well and offer attractive margins. For customers and trade alike: Quality is worth investing in.