Display tables

Displaying smaller shrubs on tables makes sense. Customers can not only see the plants better, they can read about the individual varieties and get price information without having to bend down. Display tables make it easier for customers to choose the plant that they want and carry it straight to the checkout.

Displaying the nasto-Symphonie® collection together does involve breaking up the usual division between evergreen and deciduous. But consumers are often not looking for plants according to whether they are evergreen or deciduous, but simply want something that will look right in their garden. So it makes sense to display deciduous and evergreen nasto-Symphonie® miniature trees and shrubs together and let your customers select the plants that are right for them.

Many customers will be surprised to find ornamental deciduous trees suitable for growing in pots and will choose plants that they might otherwise not have looked for. It is helpful to sign the display accordingly, for example as outdoor potted trees and shrubs.