The Reimann Award – Nursery of the Year

Winner: E.A. Stöckmann, Bad Zwischenahn

The Stöckmann nursery has chosen to focus on a growing customer segment: Owners of small gardens who are looking for high-quality plants. The average garden of new-built houses is getting smaller and there is an increasing demand for plants that grow slowly and stay small. These properties, combined with high quality, attractiveness and distinctiveness are at the core of the nasto Symphonie® brand – a range of plants especially selected for small gardens and patios.

It had been difficult for retailers to convince customers to pay more for dwarf trees and shrubs, when larger plants were often much cheaper. E.A. Stöckmann’s marketing strategy provided the answer. The brand-name “nasto” was developed – derived from “Nadel”, meaning needles, and “Stöckmann”. Point-of-sale recognition was achieved with eye-catching red pots and the nasto label. And a PR and advertising campaign in consumer magazines increased awareness and provided consumers with information about the range.

Each plant is clearly labelled with a photograph, the name of the variety and the most important information. A more detailed description of all plants is available from the consumer-focussed website, This homepage also includes a list of all nasto stockists.

In their entry for the award Stöckmann claimed: “The way we communicate with consumers is unparalleled in our industry.” The jury agreed and praised the stringent, focussed and complete way in which consumers are informed about the nasto range. The jury expect that the brand will continue to grow and that this strategy will be copied by others.

Source: Taspo magazine


German Prize for Horticultural Innovation 2010

The German Prize for Horticultural Innovation (“Deutscher Innovationspreis Gartenbau“) was awarded by Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner in Berlin on 21 August 2010. The prize, worth €15,000, was launched in 1997 to honour horticultural innovation, and in particular environmental protection, energy efficiency and improved productivity. This year's prize was shared between three winners, including E.A. Stöckmann for their innovation in high-quality potted plants.

„E.A. Stöckmann from Bad Zwischenahn has focused on a consumer group that is continuing to grow: Owners of small gardens who are interested in high-quality plants. By continually looking for and cultivating miniature and slow-growing trees and shrubs, a collection under the brand name nasto-Symphonie® has been put together that is particularly suitable for smaller gardens and potted plants. A wide range of marketing measures and materials to present the collection make up an impressive concept which generates interest in high-value products. The jury was impressed by the concept as a whole, the stringent way in which this concept has been implemented, and the comprehensive collection of miniature trees and shrubs offered.”

Bundesministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz / Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

Quelle: BMELV